Michelle Warnke

I have wanted to be an attorney since I was in the ninth grade. I have always wanted to help people. Most people say they don’t understand the law, but if I can help someone through the legal process with less stress and hopefully with an outcome that is beneficial to them, then I have done my job.

The best things about my job are my clients and helping them. I like legal writing, and when you find a precedent that fits with the argument you are making, there is a thrill to that. When a judge makes a decision that is in your client's favor, there is an excitement that all the work you have gone through was worth it. 

I will not compromise my ethics in any case. I have a strict set of principles, and I stick to them.

Guiding your clients through the process—helping them to see beyond their hurt to realize what is in their best interest and what is not worth the fight—is tough. It takes care and time to listen to the concerns of the clients.  Allowing the clients to vent if they have to is important for allowing them to move on in the process. I always hope that I am able to give them the time to do that because it's necessary no matter what the case is.

In one of my first divorces after I opened my own office, the other spouse left my client with all the children and moved out of state. I temporarily got an order preventing him from leaving the state of Iowa with the children. 

Outside of the office, I love to read and do counted cross stitch. With a friend, I have recently begun to paint ceramics.